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Cognitive-Behavior Therapy in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (10868 Views)
The Effectiveness of a Coping Strategy Training Course (7671 Views)
Cognitive Abilities Questionnaire: Development and Evaluation of Psychometric Properties (6755 Views)
The Comparison of Cognitive Flexibility, Theory of Mind and Working Memory in Students With Symptoms of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and Normal Group (4858 Views)
یادگیری در رویکرد شناختی (4795 Views)
گزیده: خطوط کف دست و نوک انگشتان در اسکیزوفرنی (4781 Views)
Degree of Recurrence of Type I Bipolar Disorder: A 17 Month Follow-Up of Patients With First-Episode Mania (4745 Views)
Improvement of Reading Performance Through Vision Therapy (4609 Views)
مدل های حیوانی اضطراب و افسردگی: تفاوت دو جنس در چیست؟ (4488 Views)
A Review of Adler's Theories (4358 Views)
The Prevalence of Personality Disorders and its Relationship with the Attachment Styles among Patients Referring to Psychological Clinics in Tehran (4012 Views)
تحلیل محتوای کتابهای ریاضی مقطع ابتدایی بر اساس دیدگاه برنامه درسی جروم برونر (3843 Views)
Characteristics of Unwanted Intrusive Thoughts in Clinical and Nonclinical Population (3776 Views)
The Effectiveness of Training Social-Cognitive-Problem-Solving on Improvement of Interpersonal Relationships, Change in Social Behavior and Self-Efficacy in Students with Learning Disabilities (3732 Views)
نکاتی پیرامون رفتار درمانی شناختی (3726 Views)
Efficacy of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy in Reducing Automatic Thoughts, Dysfunctional Attitude, Depression And Anxiety: A Sixty Day Follow-Up (3380 Views)
The Assessment of Cognitive and Linguistic Function of Left and Right Hemispheres in Persian Speaking Patients With Brain Damage (3335 Views)
توانایی های انسان (3293 Views)
The Effectiveness of a Brain Compatible Learning on Cognitive Flexibility and Selective Attention of Students (3262 Views)
Reliability and Validity of Reading and Dyslexia Test (NEMA) (3228 Views)
The Effect of Mental Set on Problem Solving: The Trap of Expertise (3222 Views)
Neurocognitive Executive Functions and Their Relationship With Developmental Disorders (3112 Views)
شناخت اجتماعی و مغز آدمی (3014 Views)
An Investigation into the Relationship between Attachment Style and Mental Health by the Mediating Role of Emotional Creativity (2977 Views)
در بهبود آسیب دیدگی روانی کودکان آزار دیده جنسی (SIT) و آموزش ایمن سازی در برابر استرس (EMDR) (2844 Views)
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Theory of Mind: A New Approach to Developmental Psychology (33930 Downloads)
Thinking and Language: an Overview (24812 Downloads)
Neurotransmitters and Cognition: Part I (Cholinergic, Dopaminersic, Adrenergic, Serotoninergic and Gabaergic Systems) (23738 Downloads)
Concept of Hysteria (15747 Downloads)
Happiness and its Effecting FactorsHappiness has always been considered as an important human need. Research shows that happiness has had a major effects on personality and life system. In this regard, a question which is raised is that "what are effecting factors on happiness"? Research shows that many factors such as "self-esteem", "personality", "leisure", "social capital" and... affect happiness. In this paper these factors are discussed and some research findings regarding every factor are analyzed. (14388 Downloads)
The Psychology of Decision Making: The Effect of Adherence to Useless and Unhelpful Information on Preference and Decision-Making in Different Domains (13065 Downloads)
The Effect of Group Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy on Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (11310 Downloads)
The Connection between Neuroscience and Education: Challenges and Hopes (10444 Downloads)
An Analysis of Metacognition and Cognitive Therapy (9940 Downloads)
The Assessment of Cognitive Emotion Regulation Strategies According to Neuroticism and Extraversion Personality Dimensions (8043 Downloads)
School Counselors and Obstacles to Counseling a Qualitative Critique (7977 Downloads)
Cognitive Linguistics and Metaphors (7710 Downloads)
در مغزها، «چه کسی»، «چه چیز» را تجربه می کند؟ کوششی برای تدوین نظریه نظام های تجربه گر (7619 Downloads)
Reliability and Validity of Reading and Dyslexia Test (NEMA) (6987 Downloads)
Efficacy and Safety of Trazodone Vs. Nortriptyline Among Middle-Aged Patients With Major Depression (6698 Downloads)
The Effect of Social Skills Education on The Function of Grade Four Elementary Students (6331 Downloads)
The Effectiveness of a Brain Compatible Learning on Cognitive Flexibility and Selective Attention of Students (6281 Downloads)
Neurobiology of Addiction (5931 Downloads)
Normalization of The Creativity Test (5407 Downloads)
Anger Management Group Therapy With Cognitive Behavior Approach in Institution Adolescents (5400 Downloads)
تأثیر علوم شناختی بر روانشناسی معاصر (5341 Downloads)
Efficacy of Stress Management Training In Decreasing Depression and Anxiety in Students Applying for The Entry Exam of Iranian University (5047 Downloads)
Development of Creativity in Children (4982 Downloads)
Constructivism: an Introduction and Evaluation (4944 Downloads)
The Effect of Music Instruction on the Cognitive Abilities of Preschool Children (4799 Downloads)
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References Guidelines ( 537 print)
New Journal website launched ( 382 print)
Principles of Publishing Ethics ( 332 print)
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