Flowchart & Article Processing

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Flowchart & Article Processing

Step 1: After submitting the manuscript by the corresponding or submitting author, the manuscript will be initially reviewed by the editorial office assessment in terms of the paper’s composition and arrangement. If the authors comply with the Authors Guidelines, the manuscript will be reviewed; otherwise, it will be returned to the corresponding author for correction and resubmission (this step's duration is three workdays).

Step 2: After passing Step 1, the manuscript will be sent to the Editor-in-Chief and the board of editors for review and initial decision. If the manuscript is approved by this board of editors, the manuscript will be sent by the related section editor to at least three reviewers. If this board does not approve the manuscript, it will be considered rejected, and the manuscript will be archived and notified to the corresponding author (the duration of this step is seven workdays).

Step 3: After the passing Step 2, regarding the scientific appraisal of the manuscript, the editorial office will send the manuscript to at least three reviewers, according to the section editor's decision. After receiving the reviewers’ comments or recommendations, they are reviewed by the Editor-in-Chief and relevant section editor, and according to their decision, the need for major and minor revisions or rejection of the article is decided. If the manuscript needs correction, it will be returned to the authors as soon as possible to be sent again for final review after making corrections. Also, in case of rejection, the manuscript will be archived, and the corresponding author will be notified (the duration of this step is two work months).

Step 4: In this step, the accepted article will be prepared for publication in the Journal (this stage's duration is one work month).

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